Prize Bond Rs.200 Draw # 96 Multan On December 15-12-2023 (Friday) Updated

Prize Bond Rs. 200 Draw No. 96 on December 15, 2023 (Friday)

If you are looking for Rs. 200 Prize Bond List 2023. If yes, then this is a great place for you because in this article we will tell about your 200 Prize Bond in December 2023. Investing in Prize Bonds is regarded as a safe investment in Pakistan. These bonds are issued by the Government of Pakistan and can be purchased from commercial banks or authorized Prize Bond dealers at the prevailing market rate.

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The price of Prize Bonds in the market is not fixed and varies based on the time remaining until the next draw. Moreover, these bonds can be redeemed at any time by selling them back to banks for their original purchase price. You may visit the official website to access the complete list of Rs. 200 prize bonds, sorted by denomination, starting from the first draw up to the latest one.

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